Creative Shoots

Pictured above is my very favorite human to have in front of my lens. Sydnee is not only my sister-in-law, but my friend. She has stuck by my side since the very beginning, I would literally not be where I am today with out her and every ounce of patience she possesses. I love her with my whole heart and I hope she knows it! She helps me to bring out my creative side with ease. I never have to wonder if she "gets it" or if she is going to think I'm stupid. She trusts me and that makes things incredibly fun because then we just get to relax and goof around through out the whole shoot, it's amazing we walk away with anything useable! The reason I am giving her so much in this section is because she is how I discovered what I loved to shoot. Sydnee is kind of where it all started, there was one shoot in specific that really gave me a direction and made me feel like I just knew what I wanted to focus on. She came to visit me in Arizona and on a whim we decided to go out into the cactus with a wedding gown from the 80's, a white body suit, and some safety pins! We put together this gorgeous gown and the light was coming through the cactus so perfectly and then I thought "what if she tossed the skirt so it looked like wind" I said that to her.. she looked at me funny.. then she tossed it, and it resulted in this image that made my heart kind of burst! That's when I realized you don't have to wait around for magic to happen, you don't need to wait for the perfectly windy day to pick up the flowy fabric in a skirt, you can create it! From there things just spun into this crazy adventure between the two of us where we discovered so many ways to move fabrics and the body that made these images look so peaceful but chaotic at the same time. Scroll down to view some of my favorite creative shoots from 2019!

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