This brush is amazing, I have been using it for years! I created it when I made my first presets. It got incredibly tiring and frustrating trying to patch out every little thing on the skin and sometimes it would just make things worse because the actual problem was with the texture and not just a zit or bruise needing to be removed! Thats when I started playing with the brushes in Adobe Camera RAW and came up with this perfect combo of settings to use on skin! It makes the skin so creamy, bright, and sharp. It cuts my editing time in half! It's super easy to adjsut and tone down especially in Photoshop. You won't regret this buy! 

Soften Skin Brush for ACR & Lightroom

  • IMPORTANT. These presets are .xmp so if your lightroom isn't updated make sure you update before trying to import. If you are not able to import these for any reason there will be no refund issued though I am willing to manually send you the preset settings so you don't waste your money!


    Install Instructions will be located inside of your zip folder!

    Before contacting me to fix any importing issues PLEASE use google, youtube, or even adobe to help you as i'm not a tech expert and every update of lightroom is so different so it's very difficult for me to understand what's happening on your end!

    REFUND POLICY. Absolutely no refunds. I will do my very best to help you through the editing process and you are always welcome to send me RAW files for me to guide you through an edit if you are having a hard time but I will not be issuing refunds for any reason. You should be familiar with lightroom and editing before trying to use these presets they are just a base and will need tweaking to properly fit your specific camera, lens, and settings. For reference I shoot with canon 5d mark iii and canon 50mm 1.2 and canon 35mm 1.4