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Olive Avenue Photography

Salt Lake City Utah, Wedding and Portrait Photography



I have a wild imagination, and a free spirit. My attention to detail on those things will hopefully result in images that move you and everyone I share my work with. Things that drive my creative soul; love, movement, color, light, soft whites, fuji greens, filmy textures, laughter, play, dancing, florals, bare feet in a flow dress, stillness, mood... I could go on and on! Couples who would be a perfect fit for my style and personality would be - overly easy going, playful, not afraid to get messy, loud, irreverent but really the best kind of people for me are the kind that love each other.. thats all I could hope for in front of my lens, truly!


​I work in a highly saturated industry but I don't let that discourage me from creating images that make my heart happy. To other photographers who may be reading this, don't let it stop you either. It's not all about the money. It's okay to pick up your camera and shoot who/what you want, I think it's easy for us to forget that! For me creating starts in places far from photography, sometimes I'll hear a song that makes my tummy ache (in the best way possible) and I'll see an image in my head and I'll go create it all because of a song. Fun fact, a lot of my most loved images were inspired by Hans Zimmer's "And Then I Kissed Him" I still listen to this on the way to shoots or even when I'm editing to help me feel what I want to do. I am also very inspired by color and light, so movies or TV shows with a similar esthetic to mine are always a favorite, for example Harry Potter is one of my most go to movies when I need inspiration the color, light, and mood was done so well and it's something I love to draw inspiration from! I put a lot of thought into my passion without actually thinking about my passion so I think that's why photography has been such a success for me. 


​I'm a genuine and loyal human being and I am not afraid to direct you to get the best possible images. Hire me. Our time together will be everything you have been dreaming of and MORE. I want to capture all of the raw emotion on your wedding day, I want to capture all of the snuggles with you and your children that you bore in your tummy, I want to show you the love and beauty I see within you, I want to let you see the spark between you and your spouse that you fear is dwindling. Let me do that. If you want me to create and capture moments that show true connection and love then please, let ME be the one to do that. I know our time together will be unforgettable, and you will be left with a new best friend + a gallery of gorgeous images that you get to hang all over your home and look back on for years to come!


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“Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.”

-Don Mccullin

Contact: Submit a form via the email button and I will get back to you within 2 business days!

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