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About Olive Avenue

Hi, I'm Brooke Anderson


I am an award winning photographer from Utah. I specialize in Weddings and Couples and also have a deep love for Families and Portraits! Most of my year is taken up by weddings and related services but during the fall/winter I stay fully booked doing family and portrait photography! My biggest goal for weddings and couples is to provide you with timeless, raw and real imagery that you will be able to look back on and relive for years to come! I imagine you sitting on your front porch swing, hair greying, wrinkled hands beneath your now vintage ring, sitting with your grandchildren and children looking through a big wedding album filled with love, light, laughter, and so much beauty it still makes your heart burst. I want it to feel like just yesterday each time you look at your pictures, and I want you to feel every single feeling you felt on that most important day. For families and portraits, I can't even begin to tell you how important those sessions are to me and how important those pictures will be to your loved ones someday when you aren't around anymore! Don't be afraid to get in front of the camera, I promise you you'll thank me later. Aside from having beautiful images that you can blow up huge and decorate your home with, these are memories.. these are going to be the way you share your life with generations to come!


I have been stealing moments for almost eleven years now! When I first started this journey I didn't know how much I needed it. At first I only wanted a camera to make sure I had quality pictures of my kids that they could look back on.. but then I hit the most trying time of my life and it became the thing that kept me breathing. After having four babies in four years I was truly exhausted and depleted. Four little babes crawling into my bed all night long, four little humans needing me and wanting me all day, I was quite literally drowning in motherhood and just drowning in general. I was advised to dive into a hobby and switch my focus onto something I could really distract myself with. So I upgraded my gear and went for it! Photography is what held my head above water. It was something I could pour my negative emotions into, and then turn those emotions into something beautiful. Before I knew it, it was no longer a distraction or something to keep me busy, I NEEDED it to keep me alive. I spent so many hours at my computer learning about my equipment, learning about light, learning about editing. I didn't get bored for even a second, I still don't! I have honestly poured my whole self into what I do and I'm so grateful for every little and big thing that lead me here. I never dreamed I would inspire others, I never dreamed I would get to hang out with beautiful couples all day who are starting their journey together, I am still in shock that I get to visit the Salt Flats multiple times per month and capture stunning people there! I'm so lucky and I really do know it.


Why "Olive Avenue"? So many of my clients show up to meet me and refer to me as "Olivia" or "Olive", which I love, but my business name actually comes from a street I once lived on! My husband served four years in the Air Force and we were stationed in Phoenix AZ, this is where I went through my trying time and found my love for photography. I always loved our street named "Olive Avenue" I couldn't tell you why it really just spoke to me and felt like home as that's where we lived! Thus became Olive Avenue Photography. It is my heart and soul and I'm so happy that you're here learning more about it, I can't wait to connect with you and start creating.


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I had the pleasure of working with Olive Avenue photography this past weekend. She was fun and friendly and made sure to get pictures of all the details and all the special moments. I received the pictures today from the bridal session she did a few weeks ago for the same bride and they are simply stunning. I can't wait to see the rest of the images. I would highly recommend! Her work is breathtaking! You won't be sorry.

- Amy Van Wagenen

We are SO IN LOVE with our engagement pictures... She has such an amazing natural eye and she caught the coolest moments with what seemed like such ease. She also helped with wardrobe, planning, ideas, etc. It was so great!

Working with her was fun, easy, and made us feel like superstars. She has a way of communicating with directness but not pushiness. It made us feel taken care of and not worried. She also was SO SO professional, helpful, communicative, accommodating... I totally messed up the timeline (which messed up lighting and her whole plan) and she adjusted beautifully without making me feel bad at all- AND she still captured the light flawlessly!

Lastly, SHES SO COOL! We loved her personality and would hang out with her any time. My fiance was totally obsessed, and was so happy that we picked her. I'm a huge fan and a huge recommender of Brooke!

- Jenni Stanford

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