2019 Olive Avenue Photo

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I have a wild imagination, and a free spirit. My attention to detail on those things will hopefully result in images that move you and everyone I share my work with. My hopes are to someday be a published photographer. I hope to travel this world and photograph pretty dresses in all the places. My bucket list: Yosemite, Banff, Ireland, Oregon, and of course Hawaii.

I work in a highly saturated industry but I don't let that discourage me from creating images that make my heart happy. To other photographers who may be reading this, don't let it stop you either. It's not all about the money. It's okay to pick up your camera and shoot who/what you want I think it's easy for us to forget that. 

I'm a genuine and loyal human being and I am not afraid to direct you to get the best possible images. Hire me. Our time together will be everything you have been dreaming of. I want to capture all of the raw emotion on your wedding day, I want to capture all of the snuggles with you and your children that you bore in your tummy, I want to show you the love and beauty I see within you, I want to let you see the spark between you and your spouse that you fear is dwindling. Let me do that. If you want someone to capture you sitting side by side stiffly with your family PLEASE I am not the lady for you. If you want me to create and capture moments that show true connection and love then please, let ME be the one to do that. 

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