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I am so excited to finally be able to share this with you guys! This is going to be a series of videos where I will go over just exactlly how I edit my images and all of my little secrets and tricks to really make them stand out! Please note that not every video will be at this fee, once you pay for the first one a coupon code will be included with the download links that you will be able to use on every video posted afterward making every extra video purchase $25.00. This video in specific covers how I edit close up portraits so focusing on skin, hair, face adjustments etc. You do not need to have my presets for this video I decided to just edit this one manually for you guys. This video covers gear used for this shot and settings plus time of day! It's about 32 minutes long so grab your favorite drink and snacks and kick back while you watch. This video will be save-able so it's a one time purchase and you'll be able to use it to refer back to when needed. In the photos for this product you'll see a side by side view of the after/before so the after is what I'll be teaching you to acheive!


Absolutely no refunds, the topics in this video are my actual secrets to creating dreamy images in photoshop so for that reason I will not refund under any circumstances! 

Portrait Edit - 01

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